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Sam Redfern



Sam Redfern is an Award Winning Film Music Composer of Short and Feature length films with distribution on platforms such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Sky as well as official selection in over 40 International and Academy Award Qualifying Film Festivals, including Cannes Court Metrage, Hell’s Half Mile, Los Angeles International Shorts, FilmQuest and Urbanworld.

As a close collaborator of Reprise Post, Sam Redfern brings his approach to Branded Films and Commercials, as these also follow the principles of story. Setup, Intention and Obstacle, Turning Point with Elixir and Resolution are the DNA for conveying an idea to an audience, whether it is a blockbuster movie, a story around a campfire, or a spot for a drinks commercial. Who is this person, what are they trying to do and what stops them, what changes, and how does it end: a musical abstraction of these sorts of principles is what Sam Redfern aims to contribute, thereby clarifying the storyteller's message to the audience.

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